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Experts in Azure Cloud & DevOps

Are you ready to transform to the Azure Cloud or to accelerate your IT delivery, using DevOps?

We are highly experienced consultants, experts in cloud transformation using Microsoft Azure and building high performance IT teams using DevOps. From moving and re-architecting one product, to complete transformation strategies for enterprises. Our ‘pure consultancy’ approach will assess your specific business context. We provide open and honest insights into what we think your company needs to make an efficient transition, which is highly valued by the customers we serve.

  • Injecting and transferring knowledge to move fast, while training customers along the way to do it themselves to stay independent for the future
  • Ensuring a compliant and secure by default implementation of your cloud and DevOps way of work, while still empowering your employees to do more
  • Offering cloud adoption accelerators and DevOps Bootcamps, where you experience what it’s like to work in a team that practices real DevOps

Our consultants are the best you can find in the industry. We received the Microsoft Global DevOps Partner of the Year award 2018-2019 and employ the most Microsoft MVPs in one single company worldwide. You will find us all over the world, where we are asked to speak at conferences, meetups and company gatherings to inspire people to make a move to the cloud in a fast and efficient way, by questioning the status quo and finding the answers to what is possible.