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We are Xpirit, experts in Azure Cloud and DevOps

Xpirit is a group of highly experienced consultants that help organizations in their transformation to the Azure Cloud and Implement DevOps. Our team of consultants is the best you can find in the industry. We can back this claim by the fact that we won the Microsoft Global DevOps Partner of the year award in 2018 and employ the most Microsoft MVP’s in one single company in Europe. We are the experts in cloud transformation towards Microsoft Azure and building teams to high performance IT teams using DevOps. This can range from moving and re-architecting your one product, to a complete transformation strategy for your enterprise.

We are unique in our approach, which we call this approach “Pure Consultancy.” Most consulting companies do what their customer asks them to do, even if that is not the best way to get where you want to be. Our pure consultancy approach will assess your specific business context, and we will provide you with open and honest insights into what your company needs to make an efficient and transition. This means we take the freedom to think out of the box and provide you with help and support that is not always literally what you asked but is what you need. To quote one of our customers: “You did not do what we asked you to do, but you did what was necessary. Thank you so much for that, since it is what made us succeed”. Our approach is different then what you probably are used to, but highly valued by the customers we serve. It simply helps you transform much faster than with standard industry practices.

With our approach, we create a transformation strategy from the heart of your company’s purpose. We act in multiple roles, from boardroom advisor, coding architect and lead developer to trainer and coach. We transfer knowledge, we show customers what to do, and empower them to do most of the actual work themselves. As a result, customers receive sustainable value from the enhanced skill set of their own staff.

You will find our consultants all over the world, where they are asked to speak at conferences, meetups and company gatherings to inspire people to make a move to the cloud in a fast and efficient way, by questioning the status quo and finding the answer to what is possible.

Do you want to transform your company to the Azure cloud or want to accelerate your IT organization delivery using DevOps? Contact us and experience how we can help you accelerate!

We are proud of who we are. We are proud of the job we do. We are Xpirit.