GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

A shift left for security in your organization
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Launch GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

On 20 September 2023, GitHub announced the wide availability of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps (GHAzDO). What does this mean and why should you care?

A challenge we often encounter working with clients, is security. Most of it needs to be built internally, which puts a strain on development capacity. It’s a lot of work to keep Security up-to-date, and it’s so time consuming that organizations tend to skip security all together.

With more pressure coming from legislation on organizations to up their cyber security, getting a grip on Security will become a top priority.

How to tackle above-mentioned challenges?

Shift left for Security

We believe in secure and compliant by default. If security is not part of the daily development workflow, it needs to be done after the fact. Which makes it more expensive and prone to mistakes. And nobody wants that.
By using GitHub Advanced Security, developers can integrate security right in their workflow, shifting security left. Security risks are found early in the process and can be addressed appropriately, enabling a more lean and mean flow and move to production.

You might think, but I’m not using GitHub, how can I solve my challenges working in Azure DevOps?

GitHub Advanced Security is now available natively inside of Azure DevOps!

Which means you can now include security natively in the development workflow. Straight into the hands of the people who can address the security findings: the engineers!

Are your developers not familiar with GitHub Advanced Security? That’s the easy fix. We can help you up-skill your team with our GHAzDO bootcamp. Fill in the form to get in touch.


Interested in the GHAzDO Bootcamp?

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps Bootcamp by Xebia | Xpirit

In this bootcamp you will learn:
  • Why we need to shift security left and embed it into the development process
  • Using dependency scanning and vulnerability alerts
  • Configuring Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with CodeQL
  • Enabling Secret scanning and stopping the leak of new secrets being added to your repository
Not only will you see demonstrations how you can configure these features in your repositories, you will also get hands-on experience to set this up in our bootcamp environment!
This GHAzDO Bootcamp will be given by our GitHub accredited trainers.