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Update Entity Framework Child records

In earlier versions of Entity Framework it was possible to add child records and then update the parent. After version 3.0 it is no longer possible, read here how you can solve this… Read More

Updating Azure Kubernetes Cluster failed with a scaling exception.

Updating an Azure Kubernetes Cluster failed, with a ScaleVMASAgentPoolFailed exception. Read on what happened and how you can easily fix this issue. Read More

Unexpected process end and database lock with .NET Core WebApi and Entity Framework Core.

Developing a WebApi with Async database communication within containers can show unexpected process ending and lock when not with Entity Framework Core 3.1 and .NET Core 3.1… Read More

Deploying a Microsoft High Performance Cluster on AWS using Infrastructure as Code

When running a HPC on AWS you want to use CloudFormation templates to create any instance needed to run the HPC cluster. HPC needs a… Read More

Reconnect Volumes On AWS EC2 instances

When working with data disks on EC2 instances (or virtual machines) you do not want the restore the data when creating a new instance. This… Read More

Using Dependency Injection, Managed Identity and Key vault in a.NET 4.7.2 application.

Adding the Microsoft Dependency Injection extension and Azure Key vault to a .NET 4.7.2 application. Read More

Augmented Reality with javascript

This blog is about how to use AR.js in a website and showing some cool features of Augmented Reality. Read More

Using Azure AD (V1.0) tokens in your web API with policies.

How to use Azure AD tokens with Azure AD groups and turn them into policies in your .NET Core web API to get a more… Read More