How we make the cloud work for you

Optimum and continuous performance

As IT Manager you want to deliver an optimal performance both towards your internal organization as your business customers with affordable costs. Your IT department is responsible for both providing the stability for the running business as the agility to facilitate new software and best of breed applications. Application development is part of the normal IT operation, but puts challenging demands on the utilization of your IT infrastructure. Development teams always need new capacity to accommodate their needs for development and testing purposes and their demand is hard to predict. And your business needs to keep running without interruption.


Many organizations look at opportunities the cloud offers for their IT landscape. The cloud offers many advantages to the current on premises IT landscape may organizations have, especially towards hard to predict workloads and the demand of more agility in many organizations.

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Move before your competitors do

But what is the right strategy if it comes to using the cloud? Many organizations still have the idea moving to the Cloud is not allowed or that using the cloud is not discussable. But more and more large organizations are using the cloud today and use it as a big business advantage. Do you want to start exploring the opportunities the cloud offers, or do you want to wait until your competitors make the first move?

One step at a time

Xpirit has the knowledge and experience to help you develop a cloud strategy that best fits your organizational needs. With the support of the Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities, we help you make the first steps and get you on your way. Of course all within the boundaries your organization has.

Continuous delivery

We have experience in moving many different workloads from on premises to the cloud. Moving your complete development and test infrastructure to the cloud and leveraging the on demand delivery of development desktops, development test server, to acceptance test servers and connectivity back to your organization’s back office when needed. If you are moving your development more towards continuous delivery and devops, then the cloud provides a huge benefit to meet the needed agility in the infrastructure to deliver even multiple releases a day.

Let us help you reach market leadership

We also have experience in creating cloud architectures that move your current on-premises solution towards a multitenant, high scalable SaaS solution. We can help you with architectural guidance, architectural assessments and supporting you to develop new business models as they are needed in the new world where SaaS gets a more dominant role each day. The move to the cloud is imminent. Are you going to wait? Or do you want to take that competitive edge and make your business the leader instead of a follower? Contact us and see what we can do for you to help you move to the cloud and start transforming your business to become more agile and lean, leveraging the technology the cloud has to offer.