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Xpirit puts people first. Always.

You grow, we grow. Xpirit puts People First, always. With a focus on personal and professional development, Xpirit provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Our mission is Authority. We want to become the best in our field. Individually and as a company. Sharing knowledge and continuous learning are deeply embedded in our culture to make this happen. We are looking for people who are driven by the same mission and want to challenge the status quo and make a real impact.

Come join us

Now is the time to become part of something different. Something that goes beyond any other career, something fun and inspiring.

We ask for your energy, enthusiasm, expertise, and constant drive to improve yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. And since we don’t like to put people in a box, we don’t have fixed job profiles. It’s up to you to decide what you will be doing.

But we also can imagine that you’re looking for something more concrete. In that case, here are some examples of what you could be doing at Xpirit.

  • Monolith Killer: help companies rebuild, rearchitect or build new systems using a cloud-native approach.
  • DevOps Whisperer: help teams and companies move to a DevOps way of work using tools like Azure DevOps or GitHub and Azure Cloud as the place to land their applications and services.
  • Cloud Magician: help companies move to the Azure cloud.

Sounds fun? Let’s explore the opportunities together and have a cup of coffee. No strings attached. Let’s meet.

Our Culture

Our culture is as real as it gets. We’re down-to-earth, straightforward, and brutally honest. There’s no hidden agenda, very little politics, and you can take people at their word.

We like radical candor. Be honest and clear. Say things as they are. Always respectful and constructive. And that means you can say things without consequences. That also means you will receive feedback that is brutally honest. And you should deal with that as well.

Having an open and honest culture, we place great value on psychological safety. With regular off-sites, we work on trust and team building so everybody can be themselves.

Ready to dive in? Read more about a culture of People First.

Let's meet

Are we a great fit for you? Want to know what the opportunities are at Xpirit that fit you as a person? We love meeting new people. Let’s get to know each other and see how we can accelerate your career. No strings attached!

Questions about our openings? Get in touch.