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Tesla, Eneco and Xpirit

Matching supply with demand of green energy in mobility.


Working with the energy supplier Eneco, we developed an application for Tesla and other electric cars owners that matched supply with demand in the domain of green (wind and solar) energy. Xpirit used Microsoft Azure technology to create a superb underlying cloud architecture that ensured the project’s overall success.


To enable electric cars owners (initially only those with Tesla, but other brand owners soon after) to use their mobile phones to determine the best time to charge their cars. The application needed to integrate numerous details, including the user’s settings (i.e., the time by when the battery needed to be fully charged); rates (adjusted every fifteen minutes, in principle); vehicle details (i.e., battery charge level at any given moment). Using this information, the SlimLaden (SmartLoading) web application would determine the cheapest times and the number of time units required to ensure a fully charged battery before the user embarked on the journey.


As an authority on Microsoft Azure technology, Xpirit developed and implemented SlimLaden in less than three months. The superb, existing cloud architecture created by Xpirit played a pivotal role in ensuring a rapid, high-quality result in an innovative environment.