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DevOps Services

A solid DevOps foundation is the core of your organization. Together we create this foundation and prevent outages instead of curing them.

We focus on business impact! Making sure that all elements are resilient and highly available. By monitoring symptoms we know what is going on before your users do. If there is an outage, our engineers will be there to remediate the issue.

For us, running a successful operation means that we focus on properly setting up and using managed services in the cloud.
Our cloud engineers develop, test, secure, architect, and take ownership of what they’ve created and will run and deploy this to the cloud. This way we help you to achieve operational excellence.

Our mission
We help you take full control over your IT landscape, prevent outages and remediate issues.

How can we help?
We would love to partner with you and build a long term relationship, while delivering short term value increments. Our goals is to minimize outages to zero and to help you reap the benefits from the cloud and DevOps and to take full control.

We offer two solutions;

1. We operate your cloud services, on application level and on infrastructure level. To be able to do this efficiently, we need to make sure that our principals for operating are established. These are described below.

2. You operate your infrastructure and application landscape yourself. We will teach by doing and educate your employees to be able to run the operation efficiently in a DevOps way.

With both approaches, we have the option to become your CSP and offer a Cloud competence center a service solution.

Our approach is always tailored. To be able to really help you, we need to take some steps to understand your needs and detect areas that need to be improved to be able to reach operational excellence.

  1. A conversation with us
  2. A survey
    a. This survey provides insights into your current situation
  3. Assessment (1 to a few days, depending on scope)
    a. Understanding the customers business
    b. Determine the DevOps maturity
    c. Deliver recommendations
    d. Deliver a plan and a quot
  4. Short term plan
    a. We execute this plan to get to a state where we can monitor at least an important piece of the total solution.
    b. We start monitoring at the end of this phase
  5. Long term plan
    a. Can contain migration(s) to managed cloud services to reduce operation overhead
    b. A way to gradually improve the entire landscape
    c. Training depended on the offer chosen
    d. A continuously improving and dedicated monitoring and alerting strategy

We are guided by our principles. These make sure that we get full control over the operation and if there is an outage we can effictively and adequately respond.

• Infrastructure as code
• Everything is under version control
• Continuous integration and Delivery pipelines
• Monitoring in place with alerting strategy
• Continuously Compliant
• Post-mortems with root cause analysis
• Add observability where needed

Competence center as a service
Our DevOps services include managed solutions for secure, compliant and controlled infrastructure to facilitate fast and easy adoption of the cloud using best practices.

Key features:

• Infrastructure to manage secure and compliant environments in the Cloud
• Control your Azure setup and spendings
• Fast setup of best practices; accelerators for your cloud move
• Only scoped access needed; least privileged accounts
• Branded self servicing portal
• Proven compliant solution

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