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Xpirit puts people first. Always.

You grow, we grow. Xpirit puts People First, always. With a focus on personal and professional development, Xpirit provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Our mission is Authority. We want to become the best in our field. Individually and as a company. Sharing knowledge and continuous learning are deeply embedded in our culture to make this happen. We are looking for people who are driven by the same mission and want to challenge the status quo and make a real impact.

Building Xpirit Belgium

Xpirit Belgium was founded in 2018 by Gill Cleeren (CTO Xpirit Belgium and a Microsoft RD and MVP) and Pieter Gheysens (Managing Director Xpirit Belgium and Microsoft MVP) and will open the doors to a brand-new office in the summer of 2023 in Antwerp.

We started as a 100% remote business, but we will open the doors to our own clubhouse in Antwerp in the summer of 2023. We have a strong relationship with both GitHub and Microsoft and help customers with their Azure Cloud & DevOps Transformation, Application Modernization, and cloud-native software development.

We travel to our colleagues in the Netherlands regularly, and once a quarter, we meet with all Xpiriters in Europe on our Innovation Days. We also have our own on-site meetings, team building events, and we join Xpirit’s weekly knowledge-sharing sessions on a remote basis.

Official press release: Xpirit Belgium joins Xebia.

We care about our people

Benefits we are proud to provide

We believe that the people we hire are what makes a company great. Our employees set the tone for the culture and the success of the business from the very beginning of the recruitment process onward. As a people-first employer, we are proud to provide significant benefits for our incredible people.
  • Flexible work hours and location. Choose when and wherever you want to work.
  • 32 days vacation
  • Training and conference budget (EUR 5.000 + 6 days)
  • Unlimited book budget
  • Access to Pluralsight
  • Fully compensated travel for work events and conferences
  • Weekly knowledge-sharing sessions with great food
  • Company car & laptop provided (you can choose your own preferred device every 3 years!)
  • An open, informal, and safe culture where you are encouraged to speak your mind.
Come join us!

Opportunities at Xpirit Belgium

Xpirit is growing within Belgium with the goal of hiring incredible people we can invest in while simultaneously providing the highest level of custom software development and architecture expertise to our clients.

Monolith Killer

In this particular role, you help companies rebuild, rearchitect or build new systems using a cloud-native approach. Think anything that would make a difference in reducing the operational cost of an application running in the cloud and delivering it in a DevOps way on the Azure Cloud.

Cloud Magician

In this particular role, you will help our customers to move to the Azure cloud.

DevOps Whisperer

In this particular role, you will be helping teams and companies to move to a DevOps way of work using tools like Azure DevOps or GitHub and Azure Cloud as the place to land their applications and services.

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