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Xpirit puts people first. Always.


You grow, we grow. Xpirit puts People First, always. With a focus on personal and professional development, Xpirit provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Our mission is Authority. We want to become the best in our field. Individually and as a company. Sharing knowledge and continuous learning are deeply embedded in our culture to make this happen. We are looking for people who are driven by the same mission and want to challenge the status quo and make a real impact.

Building a remote-first company

To hire from a larger and more diverse pool of people, we decided to go full-force remote-first.

“When you work at Xpirit, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll be expected to show your face after a few days. It’s simple. We always work from home (or wherever we’re at our best). And when we get together, you know it’s for fun.” — Esteban Garcia, CEO Xpirit USA.

“If anything, remote working makes it easier for consultants to be a part of our company culture. Previously, they spent so much time at the client’s office that they tended to become part of that team instead of ours.” — Rocky Lhotka, VP of Strategy, Xpirit USA.

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We care about our people

Benefits we are proud to provide

We believe that the people we hire are what makes a company great. Our employees set the tone for the culture and the success of the business from the very beginning of the recruitment process onward. As a people-first employer, we are proud to provide significant benefits for our incredible people.
  • 100% Remote work opportunities
  • 401K with a 4% employer match
  • 3 weeks of PTO
  • 10 holidays
  • 2 weeks Sick Leave
  • We invest in employees’ professional development goals and cover the cost of certifications pursued
  • Fully compensated travel for work events and conferences
  • Annual company get together
  • Health, vision, and dental packages provided
  • Company laptop provided
  • Monthly phone reimbursements
  • This is a full-time position in the United States with the ability to work from home, or from one of our U.S. based offices if local and preferred.
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Opportunities at Xpirit USA

Xpirit is growing within the US with the goal of hiring incredible people we can invest in while simultaneously providing the highest level of Azure and DevOps expertise to our clients.

Business Development Director

Responsible for generating leads, prospecting, and building relationships with potential clients to help grow our Azure and GitHub consulting business.

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