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Azure LowLands 2023

June 29th in Utrecht, Netherlands

Xebia| Xpirit is a proud sponsor of Azure LowLands

Join our very own Marcel de Vries on a panel on Azure DevOps vs. GitHub Actions

Join our expert panel as they discuss and compare the features, strengths, and limitations of Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions as CI/CD platforms. Engage in a lively conversation on best practices, hybrid setups, and migration strategies. Ideal for developers, DevOps engineers, and tech leaders seeking insights to choose a suitable CI/CD tool. Prior experience with CI/CD concepts is recommended but not essential.

Marcel de Vries

Marcel is the co-founder and Global MD & CTO of Xebia|Xpirit. Xpirit started as an individual company under the Xebia group in 2014 and is now transformed into the Microsoft business unit of Xebia worldwide!

Marcel has been awarded by Microsoft the Microsoft MVP award for more than 17 consecutive years and has been a Microsoft Regional Director since 2008. You can always contact him to talk about subjects like Cloud Adoption Strategies, Business Development, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Microservices, Containers, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Azure LowLands

Azure Lowlands is a single day event with five tracks around the Microsoft Azure Platform, ranging from security, containers, integration all the way to DevOps.

Expert Panel: Marcel mde Vries

Panel: Azure DevOps vs. GitHub Actions

Date and Time of Session: June 29th from 11:30am

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