Embed security checks natively in your Azure DevOps Pipelines (U.S)

30 November / Online

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On average, vulnerabilities go undetected for four years before being identified. Sometimes, even longer than that. The earlier vulnerabilities and leaks are found in the development process, the lower the costs of remediation are. And we’re talking serious numbers.

Everyone wants to shift security left (implementing security measures during the entire development lifecycle, rather than at the end), but due to a dispersion of tooling and platforms, this often proves challenging for many organizations.

At Xebia | Xpirit, we believe in secure and compliant by default. That’s why we’re “GitHub first” and for good reason. The end-to-end platform offers a great foundation for your development teams. Enabling developers to act and develop autonomously, productive and secure.

We do understand that a lot of organizations don’t look forward to a large migration of their development platform, when already working with e.g. Azure DevOps. That’s why we’re very pleased about the release of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps!

Eliminating the pain of a migration, while still being able to shift security left for your organization.

During this short webinar, Randy Pagels, will introduce GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps, explain the advantages, and what it entails when implementing this for your development team(s).

Webinar: Embed security checks natively in your Azure DevOps Pipelines
Date: November 30th
Time: 11:30am EST

Target audience

Anyone currently working with Azure DevOps, looking to level-up their security by integrating it in their development processes.


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