From code to Cloud in a secure way with GitHub Advanced Security

30 November 1 PM EST / Online


Date: 30 November
Time: 1 PM EST
Location: Virtual

Audience: You are looking for guidance on security with DevOps practices to implement any of the features of GitHub Advanced Security.


Live Streaming:

You can get the PowerPoint Presentation here.


Shipping software is not just about delivering new features and new capabilities into our applications but doing it in a secure way, in this webinar we will do an overview of the features that GitHub Advanced Security offers. Security should not be separate. It’s deeply ingrained throughout our development process. Shift left to keep a security culture and mindset.

Join this free one-hour webinar to learn how to secure software from the start by staying ahead of security issues, leveraging the security community’s expertise, and using open source securely.


We will start with an overview of the features from GitHub Advanced Security, from dependency vulnerability to secret scanning and code scanning. demonstrations of how those work, and integration in the development process. Covering the security practices, culture, and mindset.