Secure and Compliant Healthcare App Development Webinar

August 24th

Join us for an enlightening webinar on the crucial aspects of app development in the healthcare industry, with a focus on security and compliance.

Date: Thursday, August 24th

Time: 1pm EST

Speaker: Randy Pagels

Discover how developers approach the unique challenges posed by regulated industries, such as healthcare, and gain insights into their strategies for ensuring data security and maintaining compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Explore development best practices that prioritize securing sensitive data and learn about the problems we aim to solve through innovative healthcare applications. We will also discuss the significance of a well-defined landing zone and the essential role of GitHub security in achieving a robust and compliant app development process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace a “shift-left” mindset and unlock the potential of secure app development in healthcare.

Discover more about cloud transformations in healthcare.

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