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Karlsruhe Developer Day 2023

June 14th-15th in Karlsruhe, Germany

Join Xebia| Xpirit’s Nico Orschel in his Test Automation for WebApps with Playwright session.

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Test automation is an important building block of software development projects. The foundation is formed by unit tests. However, not everything can be adequately tested with unit test frameworks, so that specific UI tests are still used as a supplement. In the web app area, the top dog here is Selenium. In the recent past, new alternatives to Selenium have emerged. The newest and most promising is the open source framework Playwright from Microsoft. Playwright tests can be created flexibly in different languages ​​such as C# or JavaScript, and they also support different browsers and operating systems.

The lecture will show the concepts, advantages, disadvantages and differences compared to Selenium. There will also be no shortage of live demos, giving a better feel for Playwright.

Nico Orschel

Xpirit Germany Gmbh, Germany
Nico Orschel is a DevOps Whisperer, author and speaker in the Azure DevOps/GitHub environment at Xpirit Germany GmbH and has been recognized by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional for Development Technologies (DevOps) since 2012. He helps companies to develop, deliver and test more efficient software based on Azure DevOps/Team Foundation Server/GitHub and thus achieve a higher level of quality with shorter release cycles. His focus areas include Continuos Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) as well as test management and test automation based on the Azure DevOps, GitHub and Visual Studio platforms.

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Karlsruhe Developer Day 2023

The Software Engineering Conference

Two days of intensive exchange for IT professionals – that is the Karlsruhe Developer Day. The core topics are software engineering and agility, the participants from the regional IT community and the atmosphere is legendary.

Xebia| Xpirit Speaker: Nico Orschel

Session: Test Automation for WebApps with Playwright

Date and Time of Session: June 14th from 1:30 p.m to 2:15 p.m

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