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VSLive! Redmond

July 17th-21st in Redmond, WA

Visual Studio Live!

VSLive! Developer Conference has been training developers, software architects, engineers, and designers like you since 1993. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we return to the Tech Mecca, Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA for five days of in-depth training, networking, and fun! Sharpen your skills in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, .NET 7, DevOps, MAUI, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Blazor, modern data processing techniques. Our speakers will answer your questions with practical guidance on native client development, web, database, and so much more. Explore everything Microsoft HQ and the Pacific Northwest have to offer and further your education at the same time!

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Sessions by Esteban Garcia

Living the Container Life in Azure

July 20th 8am-9:15am

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Shift Left on Security with GitHub

July 20th 3pm-4:15pm

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Sessions by Rocky Lhotka

Building Enterprise Blazor Apps Using CSLA .NET

July 19th 9:30am- 10:45am

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Introduction to Blazor

July 18th 8am-9:15am

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Workshop: Microsoft Blazor Top to Bottom

July 21st 8am-5pm

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Sessions by Allen Conway

An Introduction to Getting Up and Running with Modern Angular

July 19th 11am- 12:15pm

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Fast Focus: JavaScript Framework/Library Showdown

July 20th 11am- 11:20am

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TypeScript: Moving Beyond the Basics

July 19th 8am- 9:15am

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Workshop: Microsoft Blazor Top to Bottom

July 21st 8am- 5pm

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Xebia| Xpirit Speakers:

Esteban Garcia

Esteban leads the Xpirit USA team. With more than 20 years of experience building enterprise software, Esteban has a passion for DevOps and Azure. He mentors, trains, and works closely with teams to help them realize their potential by leveraging Azure and DevOps practices to shorten the cycle time from idea to production. Esteban enjoys working with the software community, he is a Microsoft Regional Director, DevOps MVP, and Pluralsight author.

Rocky Lhotka

Rockford Lhotka is VP of Strategy at Xpirit USA. He is the creator of the widely used CSLA .NET open-source software framework, the author of numerous books, and regularly speaks at major conferences around the world. Rockford is a member of the Microsoft Regional Director and MVP programs. For more information go to

Allen Conway

Allen Conway is an App Modernization Consultant for Xpirit USA. He enjoys the challenge and creativity behind software engineering and hopes to give back to others in the community by speaking and on this blog at