Works on my machine! Works on your machine! Get started on any project using GitHub Codespaces

6 November / Online

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Webinar by Jesse Houwing

Who hasn’t joined a new project or tried to commit to an open source repository, only finding you’d need to install 28 random tools from the internet that are usually hard to find. On top of that their required configuration isn’t documented well or missing altogether. It can take hours to get started.

GitHub CodeSpaces stores the developer environment in your git repo and so you’ll be able to get started in seconds instead of hours or even days.

Webinar: Works on my machine! Works on your machine! Get started on any project with ease using GitHub Codespaces
Date: November 6th
Time: 16:00 – 16:30 CET 10:00 – 10:30 EST

Key areas of exploration include:

  1. What is GitHub Codespaces
  2. Key advantages: CodeSpaces have more advantages than just storing your IDE configuration as code
  3. How to get started: A quick overview of what’s needed to get started
  4. Extending your codespace: with containers, features and editor extensions
  5. Other vendor tools: Visual Studio Code isn’t the only supported editor.
At the end of the session you should enough knowledge to move all of your development into containers and launch your IDE into the cloud.

Target audience

Anyone already working with GitHub Codespaces, or who wants to start working with GitHub Codespaces.


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