10x developers? Eat your heart out! Using GitHub Copilot + Chat

23 November / Online

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Webinar by Thijs Limmen

Coding is evolving and GitHub Copilot is leading the way. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll delve into how this tool has elevated the coding landscape, making it accessible and efficient for both newcomers and seasoned developers.

Webinar: 10x developers? Eat your heart out! Using GitHub Copilot + Chat (Stop writing for-loops, add some value)
Date: November 23rd 
Time: 16:00 – 16:30 CET 10:00 – 10:30 EST

Key areas of exploration include:
  1. GitHub Copilot Unveiled: A quick introduction to this leading-edge tool.
  2. Smart Code Suggestions: Observe how Copilot’s intuitive guidance can streamline and predict your coding needs.
  3. Transforming Comments to Code: Explore how simple comments can be turned into functional code.
  4. Tab Coding: A quick look at the efficiency of using the ‘tab’ key for swift coding.
  5. GitHub CoPilot Chat: An innovative feature that provides developers with instant responses to coding queries, right within their preferred IDE.
  6. Set Up & Integration: Easy-to-follow steps to integrate GitHub Copilot into your workspace swiftly.
Concluding the session, I’ll share some personal reflections: With GitHub CoPilot as my guide, both the speed and pleasure of my coding have reached new heights. If you’ve not yet explored the potential of CoPilot in your coding journey, now’s the time. Join me and discover how to optimize and elevate your coding practices!

Target audience

Anyone already working with GitHub Copilot, or who wants to start working with GitHub Copilot.


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