Finding the right partner to move to the cloud

/ 22 Dec, 2021

We know the challenges that ISVs are facing: business has been disrupted by the pandemic. The marketplace is tough and demanding. There is a need to scale effectively, drive efficiencies, to manage costs and ensure security.

Moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure is the answer, but you don’t have the in-house expertise to manage it on your own. You need a great partner to help guide you on the migration journey.

There are a vast amount of companies offering cloud migration services to organisations.  If you are aiming to move your infrastructure to a cloud environment, the following set of criteria will help you make the right decision:

What are your business needs?

The most important first step is to understand your business needs, requirements, goals, and timelines. By clarifying your essentials in advance, you can save a lot of time and reduce the need to “kiss a lot of frogs”.

When you come to picking a cloud service provider, we think there are six key criteria for you to use in your evaluation:

  1. Certifications and Standards: make sure they follow industry-standard best practices and standards.
  2. Technologies and Service Roadmap: what is the provider’s roadmap for service development and how will they innovate over time to meet your needs.
  3. Data Security and Governance policies: understand the partner’s data loss and breach notification policies so they map to your compliance needs.
  4. Business health and Company profile: consider their financial health and profile, are they able to provide the right SLAs for your size of business.
  5. Reliability and Performance: understand whether they have long-term relationships with their previous and current customers.
  6. Trust: it is critical that you should like the company and have faith that they can support you in the future.

At Xpirit, we know that moving to the cloud is a big step for an ISV: we are Microsoft-certified experts who will support you in the right way to make the migration a success. 

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