GitHub Developer

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What to expect

Participants can expect a challenging, hands-on learning experience with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and apply new concepts to their work. Each day’s content is built upon the previous day so it’s important that all participants attend all training sessions.

Module 1

  • GitHub Flow
  • Working locally
  • Git configurations
  • Git aliases
  • Collaborating in pull requests and issues
  • Branching with Git
  • Editing on GitHub
  • Merging pull requests

Module 2

  • Understanding of how merge conflicts happen
  • Resolving merge conflicts both on GitHub and on the command line

Module 3

  • Understanding workflows
  • Protected branches
  • Git bisect
  • Helpful Git commands
  • Atomic commits
  • Reverting commits
  • Viewing local changes
  • Tags and release

Module 4

  • Creating local repositories
  • Fixing commits
  • Git reset
  • Cherry picking
  • Git reflog
  • Merge strategies
  • Git rebase
  • Git squash