GitHub Organization Secrets Migrator

/ 14 Aug, 2023

Migrating secrets between GitHub organizations is crucial for several reasons. As organizations evolve, migrate, or merge with others, the need to transfer sensitive configuration data, such as API keys, access tokens, or cryptographic credentials becomes inevitable. 

Secrets are integral to various workflows. Without a dedicated migration tool, though, manually recreating and configuring secrets across organizations can be error-prone, time-consuming, and risky, potentially leading to accidental exposure or unauthorized access to critical resources.  

Xpirit built GOSM, the GitHub Organization Secrets Migrator, to address the lack of a built-in mechanism for migrating secrets. GOSM offers a streamlined approach, enabling seamless, secure, and efficient transfer of secrets while also minimizing the potential for human error. 


Here’s how it works: 

First, GOSM will generate a GitHub Actions workflow that exports all your organization’s secrets into a downloadable archive. 

Once downloaded, GOSM can then import your secrets archive into a new organization. 

 Now available on GitHub XpiritBV/gosm: GitHub Organization Secrets Migrator (GOSM).  


GitHub Organization Secrets Migrator (GOSM)
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