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GitHub First

How do you move to GitHub from a multitude of platforms? Or how do you get the most value from your GitHub ecosystem? We help you to become successful with GitHub. From the migration, implementation, and adoption side, as well as following modern development practices like the Agile way of working, Cloud transformations, and improving your DevOps culture.

“Even though we have a lot of history with Azure DevOps, we completely focus on GitHub these days. We have been working with GitHub for many years and decided to make it our default go-to Platform. We will, of course, continue to support Azure DevOps. However, from what we look for in new hires to the certifications we obtain, we are a GitHub-first company.”


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Secure Development Productivity

Explore the intersection of developer productivity and secure development techniques.

For most organizations, software development capacity puts a strain on innovation. But that’s not how it has to be. Are you truly enabling your development teams?

In this article by René van Osnabrugge, we dive into the productivity of developers, how this should be measured and what role Developer Experience plays in all this.

Step-By-Step Guide to GitHub

GitHub Services and Solutions


GitHub Consulting Services, Managed Services, Training, and Everything in Between

  • We introduce companies to GitHub Enterprise (which provides extra capabilities, especially for enterprises), both hosted and in the cloud. Our services include migration and configuration to leverage all the features GitHub Enterprise offers.
  • We offer expert know-how of the four GitHub flavors: Personal (the version GitHub developers use in their spare time), Team, Enterprise, as well as Advanced Security.
  • We train developers to use every single GitHub feature, from the basics to the most exclusive enterprise functionalities.

The great thing is that all advanced features are available for free if you want to play around with them in your spare time. However, if you use them for business purposes, you will need licenses.

  • We help you combine GitHub Enterprise with your Open Source or Inner Source strategy.

Open source can be very beneficial for businesses. It gives them a platform to show off their work, share it, stand out from others, and subsequently, attract talent.

  • We integrate GitHub Advanced Security: realize secure and compliant software development by efficiently integrating GitHub’s Advanced Security features into the developer experience.

Migration and Implementation

Migrating can be a daunting task if you have a lot of data to move, or have hundreds of teams that are part of the migration. When migrating from a different source control management environment (SCM), or a different CI/CD platform, you cannot migrate over in a weekend. We are here to help prepare for the migration as well as creating workshops for your teams to gain the knowledge they need to be successful and be a part of the migration itself. We often see that the teams want to be in control of what moves when and w believe empowering them helps with the adoption of the new platform.

We help customers prepare and execute migration plans from any SCM solution and automation platform. We have extensive experience migrating customers from Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitLab, and others. Whether you want to let your own team handle the migration and we help with the preparation, or Xpirit handles most of the migration: we are here to help.


Our experts in the fields of Azure Cloud, modern development practices, DevOps, Agile, etc., know firsthand how to combine that with source control, continuous integration / continuous delivery, and security practices. We have helped a lot of customers on these topics, from small groups of developers to large-scale implementations.

Our main focus is to help your company succeed, so we are always pragmatic in our advice, where we go beyond telling you what to do: we work on the improvements together. Our way of working is simple: we’ll explain things once and build it together. The next time you try to set things up on your own, with us as guidance, and from then on you can do it yourself.


Our GitHub Accredited Trainers can give the breath of official trainings and workshops or cater for your custom configuration. From GitHub for Developers to GitHub Advanced Security or Codespaces, the trainers have hands-on experience in implementing these tools at customers and know their best practices to increase developer experience and satisfaction using GitHub.

Our trainers do not only teach these classes (both onsite and virtual), they also actively improve these trainings in close collaboration with GitHub’s own training experts.

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GitHub Managed Enterprise Server

Do you want to move to GitHub, but you cannot land on the public GitHub offering because of GDPR? Or do you want to have more control without becoming a GitHub Server Expert?

We offer GitHub Managed Enterprise Server. Where we take away the installation and operational burden from hosting your own GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) and giving you a solid implementation with your own choice of data residency. Configured with best practices and implementation strategies, you do not have to worry about the setup or about updates to the platform.

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Secure Software Development Assessment

Everybody is talking about security and the need to prioritize it. But where do you start? What is the current state of your security and which steps do you need to take to actually make progress?

To understand where you are with your project regarding security we have a secure software development assessment. We analyze your software, as well as the repository setup, and the security of your CI/CD pipelines. We help you analyze the composition of your software to find all the building blocks and their dependencies, and match them with GitHub’s Advisories Database. With all the attack surfaces that exist these days, we assess the software in your repository as well as any Infrastructure as Code and/or Configuration as Code that you are currently using.

Our consultants are well-versed in modern-day development practices. They also help your teams understand the findings from the assessment and set up automation to prevent the wrong patterns from ending up in your production code. This includes training recommendations for best practices or interactive workshops to make people aware of the common pitfalls. Xpirit has a lot of trainers on board. That’s why we can also deliver these trainings and workshops for your company.

“Go GitHub or Go Home!” 

  • Attract new talent and keep great talent on board. 
  • Unlike Azure DevOps, GitHub’s Advanced Security features are directly integrated into the product and require next to no manual setup.  
  • GitHub gives you a presence in the Open Source space, which is a must nowadays. Visibility helps companies attract talent.
Book Accelerate DevOps with GitHub by Michael Kaufmann

by Michael Kaufmann

Book Git for Dummies by Michael Kaufmann

by Michael Kaufmann

Why with Us?

  • We’rethe first GitHub Verified Partner in Europe. 
  • We are one out of four partners worldwide that hold specializationson Kubernetes and GitHub (“DevOps with GitHub” and “Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure”) 
  • We help GitHub build training material and examsthat are used worldwide. 
  • We havemore than 20 GitHub Accredited trainerscovering all time zones and have trained over 3000 Microsoft employees on GitHub. 
  • We’re the ones whospeak at eventsthat matter, like NDC London, Techorama and GitHub Universe. 
  • <- We evenpublish bookson the subject! 
  • We specialize in security and offer a unique “secure marketplace for GitHub Actions”. 


Our Partnership with GitHub

In 2020 we received the first GitHub-verified partner status in Europe. Since then we continue to be their trusted advisor. We guide GitHub in the Enterprise landscape by giving them the direct feedback that we learn from our employees and customers, help improve the official GitHub trainings, collaborate on the certification exams, and create Microsoft Learn content.

A lot of our employees are officially accredited GitHub trainers and educate users on the breadth of the GitHub platform. From developer training to deep dives into GitHub Advanced Security. ‘Xpiriters’ showcase their expertise regularly by blogging, creating online courses, and speaking at international conferences.

These days, everything is in the cloud. So, if developers are still working locally on their laptops, they have to check in their work, which will then be shipped to the cloud. GitHub brings the development space to the cloud with Codespaces and GitHub Actions.

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