Engineering Culture

An inclusive and secure organizational culture that fosters talent and is driven by sharing and equality so we can achieve the impossible.
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Every company is an IT company

At Xpirit, we help our customers to become a software company by building Engineering Cultures. Because today, every company is an IT company, no matter what product or service it provides. We do this in an open and honest way with people that are passionate and talented and look out for themselves, each other, customers, and the environment.

Every aspect of an IT company is equally important

Being an IT company has many aspects. And every aspect is equally important. You cannot become a software company if you only build great code, have a great working environment, monitor production, etc.

Companies are less successful in their journey when they focus on one area alone. It is everything together that will make you great. Not only in the development teams, but also at the leadership level. This combined set of capabilities and behaviors a company should have is called an Engineering Culture.

An Engineering Culture can be seen from many different perspectives that can be categorized in a number of distinct pillars that together will help you become successful and can be used to drive change. We’ll explain each of these pillars below.


Building an Engineering Culture

The eight pillars of an Engineering Culture

State-of-the-art Software engineering

State-of-the-art Software Engineering means that you need to build state-of-the-art software. Cloud-native, resilient, observable secure, and compliant. Of course, not only the applications should be state of the art. We also firmly believe in the “ops” side of development. Concepts like Infrastructure as Code and immutable infrastructure are already becoming the new normal.

Smooth Delivery

This is crucial to be successful as an IT company and therefore part of an Engineering Culture. Think about the development toolchain and supply chain, that has become the heartbeat of product delivery, and an attack vector if you look at security. Having secure and compliant pipelines ensure repeatability and decrease faults and errors.

Move the Business Needle

This is all about the transformative leadership that is needed to become an IT company. How do all the things we do adds value to the business. Topics like Product Management, Product Vision, Business Strategy and Enterprise Architecture are crucial to do right. When your vision is clear, and you know why and what you should do to deliver value to your customers, you should also organize in such a way that your company can execute on the strategy and vision.

Empowering Operating Model

At Xpirit we have a clear vision and a starting point on how you can organize your company in such a way that you can be successful as an IT company. Aligned Autonomy, High responsivities, and end-to-end value stream teams are topics we cover in our vision.

Appropriate continuity

With the increase of automation and the fact that cybercriminals are adopting the cloud and DevOps practices faster than the average enterprise, there's an increase in the number of threads we need to deal with as an industry. Business Continuity, Reliability, and Security are essential. Companies need to be “secure and compliant by default” while increasing their speed of delivery and the stability of the products they deliver.

Epic Work Environment

Your culture should match your ambition to become an IT company. DevOps is all about People, Processes, and Tools. The leadership in the company, the mindset, the workplace, should be all about people enablement. It's crucial that companies build an nurture these cultural aspects that come with becoming an IT company.

Knowledge Driven

Learning should be embedded in the DNA of the company. Companies need to embrace a new approach to knowledge sharing and adopt a learning mindset. Because every profession changes over time. Especially IT.

Power Through Platforms

In this connected world, companies should embrace what is out there and not reinvent the wheel over and over again. Platforms can help you to accelerate your business. Think about Azure Landing Zones, Data, and IoT platforms. But also Open industry standards like authentication and the widespread use of Open Source and the in-company variant Inner Source.

Are you an IT company?

Let's talk Engineering Culture

Take a step back and look at your own company. Are you an IT company? And what do you need to build your own Engineering Culture? Let's get in touch. Fill out the form or call us at +31 356 729 063.