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The fifth pillar of an Engineering Culture

An Engineering Culture consists of eight pillars. The fifth pillar is called Move the Business Needle. Nowadays, every business is a technology business. This severely impacts the way you deliver your products and services to your customers, and the experience they have while interacting with your company. It has an impact on the way you run your internal operations to deliver your products and services. And lastly, it allows you, or sometimes forces you to reinvent the way you do business; reinvent your business model. 

Succeed as a business

At Xpirit we look at your business as a collection of capabilities that are required to allow you to run it, and to create and deliver your products and services.  We distinguish digital capabilities and leadership capabilities, which are both required to digitally succeed as a business. A digital capability we regard as a combination of people, processes, and technology to deliver value to internal and external customers.

The leadership capability, in addition, is about merging the skills and perspectives of your business and IT leaders with the goal to help them drive change together. For that, they need to have a digital vision, engage the organization at scale, and govern the change. 

Digital Transformation Roadmap

It all starts with a digital strategy. Together with you, we practice agile architecture to discover your business capabilities, and how people, processes, and technology are working together to provide these capabilities to support your organization’s value streams. We identify which ones are differentiating, and which are commodities. Based on that we inspire and work together with you to learn how technology can help you to improve these capabilities to achieve your business goals. This allows us to identify what digital needs you have, which technology platforms you need, for which capabilities you need State-of-the-art Software Engineering and Smooth Software Delivery, and what operating models and working environment changes are necessary to make this all work.

All this together will lead to your digital transformation roadmap which we will help you execute. With agile product management, we then help you to develop and run these business capabilities as products focused on internal and external customers of the organization. 

For us, moving the business needle is all about achieving greater success for your company by helping you get the most value out of technology. Our way of working should have enough of an effect so that people notice a change. We move your business needle to become a truly digital enterprise.   

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