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A new concept – Local DevOps Bootcamp

Imagine this: your company wants to implement DevOps and you and your colleagues are the ones who need to make it work. You start reading in order to get started, but the information is totally overwhelming. All these tools, practices and new ways of working that you have to learn is information overload. As well as all the usual work you need to do. You also find a video training about specific tools and even some conceptual ones, but still, it is not real information based on experience. And then you’re back to square one.

Local DevOps Bootcamp

Xpirit has developed something just for you and your co-workers: the Local DevOps Bootcamp. You and a group of co-workers or other participants will get a two-day, nose-down, deep-dive DevOps training to get you really started. After a morning of introduction to the concepts, the game is on. During a two-day hackathon you and your team will face real DevOps challenges and you will solve them together. With the help of our experienced Proctors of course.

During these two days you will learn all about how to use the Azure DevOps tooling, but also how to work together as a DevOps team. You will learn about building applications as well as running them. Coding software and coding infrastructure, it’s all in there.

The tools we use are mostly Azure and Azure DevOps but the concepts and practices you’ll learn are widely applicable to other stacks as well.

What we ask of you

Two days of fully focused attention. No phones, no disturbances. You work with your team towards the deadlines and you make sure you’re the best team. We want you to bring your best self. With a true DevOps mindset. Willing to learn, willing to make mistakes, and willing to share.

After these two days, we’ll end with a true celebration party. Pizzas (really, really good ones) and beers are on us. After two days of hard work it’s time to have some more fun.


Day 1

Day 2

We will arrange infrastructure, lunch, drinks, snacks, power and all the other things you need to make yourself successful. The only thing you need to bring is a good laptop which allows you to make a RDP connection. We will have some prizes for the best team, and we’re convinced you’ll have a great time.


Experience this hackathon in our awesome office for some new vibes. Come with your entire team (min.10) or join one of the open agendas. Contact us for available dates.

1250 p.p. for 2 full days of experience


In these two days you will be proctored by well-known DevOps specialists. They speak around the world at DevOps conferences, and help various organizations to realize their DevOps transformation.

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