XPRT Magazine #12

Together we build an Engineering Culture
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Every company is an IT company

At Xpirit, we believe every company is an IT company, no matter what product or service it provides. To be successful as an IT company, we believe you cannot be successful if you focus on 1 area alone. To be a successful IT company, you need to act and behave like an IT company. You need to adopt a combined set of capabilities and behaviors that together we call ‘an Engineering Culture’. Read all about it in the latest issue of our XPRT Magazine.

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Sharing knowledge

What you'll find

No less than 16 articles are published in this issue of our XPRT Magazine. Read about innovation, infrastructure, development, culture, and of course about the latest at Xpirit.

  • Together we build an Engineering Cultureby Marcel de Vries & Rene van Osnabrugge
  • Bringing the Xpirit quality and services to our German customers – by Michael Kaufmann, Thomas Tomow & Tobias Mackenroth
  • Launching Xpirit IoT: Smart & Connected Services – by Tijmen van de Kamp
  • What’s what with WebAssembly? – by Chris van Sluijsveld & Loek Duys
  • Getting your IoT projects off the ground by building on Azure – by Matthijs van der Veer
  • Azure container Apps: The future of Microservices in Azure? – by Geert van der Cruijsen & Bas van de Sande
  • Beacons create safe routes for Maersk’s voyages through the cloud – Guest article by Bruno Amaro, Senior Engineering Manager – Cloud Engineering Maersk Technology at Maersk
  • Stop wrestling with ARM Templates, work on your Biceps – by Erwin Staal
  • Shift left using Bicep – by Erick Segaar
  • Never stop learning – Thoughts after four years with our epic team – by Immanuel Kranendonk
  • Xpirit as an IT Beehive – by Alex Thissen
  • The epic story of Blinky – by Maarten Blok
  • The value of your development toolchain – by Michael Kaufmann
  • Customizing Codespaces – by Jesse Houwing
  • Preparing for a security assessment – by Wesley Cabus
  • Embrace Chaos to Achieve Stability – by Rene van Osnabrugge

And a special shoutout to Mickey Gousset who personally reviewed all of the articles in his own time. Thank you so much!

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Are you an IT company?

Let's talk Engineering Culture

Take a step back and look at your own company. Are you an IT company? And what do you need to build your own Engineering Culture?