Meet Us

Here you can find a overview of the conferences where you can meet/talk/socialize with us

Conference attendee

Agile 2016 (Atlanta, GA) 25-29 July 2016

Jesse Houwing (Track Advisor)

Evolve 2016, USA

Roy Cornelissen

NServiceBus Conference (December 2015, Dallas)

Roy Cornelissen

µCon (26-27 November, London)

Roy Cornelissen

Microsoft WPC (Orlando) (12-16 July 2015)

Pascal Greuter

Conference Speaker

Global Azure Bootcamp 2016

Alex Thissen, Loek Duys, Pascal Naber, Marcel de Vries, Rene van Osnabrugge

Xamarin Evolve, Orlando (24-28 April, 2016)

Roy Cornelissen (speaking at Mobile Leaders Summit track) and Geert van der Cruijsen

VSLive Boston (13-16 June 2016)

Marcel de Vries and Roy Cornelissen

Past events

DevCampNoord, Groningen (January 21, 2016)

Roy Cornelissen

VSLive New York (28 Sep-1 Oct 2015)

Marcel de Vries and Roy Cornelissen
Full day Xamarin Workshop and sessions about Automated Testing with CodedUI and Application Insights

NDC Oslo

Patriek van Dorp The Actor Model: Building Hyper-Scale Distributed Systems Using Orleans

VSLive San Francisco (15-17 June 2015)

Marcel de Vries and Roy Cornelissen

Sharing DevOps Experiences (Houten) (13 March 2015)

Marcel de Vries and Alex Thissen – The changing landscape of software development; What is next in Microsoft software development

VSLive (Las Vegas US) (16-20 March 2015)

Marcel de Vries, Roy Cornelissen (Xamarin Workshop)

Marcel de Vries (Sessions about Visual Studio CodedUI, Microsoft Application Insights, Advanced Modern App Architecture Concepts)

Techorama (Belgium) (12-13 May 2015)

Marcel de Vries (Sessions about Cloud Load testing, Open Source in Enterprise)

Rene van Osnabrugge (Session about Build, Test, Deploy, Repeat – an end to end scenario)

TechDays (The Hague NL) (28-29 May 2015)

Marcel Meijer, Alex Thissen, Marcel de Vries, Patriek van Dorp, Roy Cornelissen, Rene van Osnabrugge


Dutch Mobile .NET Developers Group

Meets regularly. Active members: Roy Cornelissen, Geert van der Cruijsen and Marcel de Vries

Dutch Microsoft ALM Group

Meets regularly. Active members: Rene van Osnabrugge, Jasper Gilhuis, Jesse Houwing, Marcel de Vries

Dutch Azure Meetup

Meets regularly. Active members: Pascal Naber, Marco Mansi, Marcel de Vries

Past Meetups


Alex ThissenMicroservices in een groot overzicht

SDN event March (Zeist NL) (20 March 2015)

Marcel Meijer, Roy Cornelissen

Global Azure Bootcamp (Hilversum) (25 April 2015)

Marcel Meijer and Patriek van Dorp