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When you ask companies and people about their mobile proposition they usually start talking about an end-user app they created or are creating. Of course this is part of a mobile strategy but these companies are missing out.

Mobile is much more than just creating a mobile app front end for your ERP or CRM system. It’s about identifying and embracing the mobile moments that really improve your business processes, enable new interactions with or between your customers or even generate new business in ways that weren’t possible before without this new technology. A mobile moment is a point in time and space when a customer or employee pulls out their mobile device and uses it to achieve exactly what they want, in context. Mobile is not just about “an app on a mobile phone”, it’s about a mindset where your data, your people, your customers are on the move and interacting with your business through new devices: mobile phones, tablets, wearables, or IoT devices.

Therefore, Mobile is a key part of the digital transformation within companies in order to adapt to the demands in a customer driven world.

Building great mobile experiences that make a real difference requires more than just a good idea and a couple of developers. It’s an ongoing cycle of continuous improvements. Forrester Research calls this the IDEA cycle (Identify, Design, Engineer, Analyze) in their book The Mobile Mind Shift. Xpirit is specialized to help companies embrace digital transformation and help you in every step of the IDEA cycle.

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The IDEA cycle

Mobile IDEA Cycle

Identify the mobile moments and context

Identifying the right mobile moments is important so that you invest in something that will have real value for your business. This requires taking a step back in analyzing the existing way you are running your business, and the way your business is interacting with your customers and your employees to find those perfect mobile moments that can enhance your business process. Those are the moments where Mobile really shines.

Design the mobile engagement

Once identified, it’s important to prioritize your mobile moments and start fleshing them out. What will your mobile moment look like and how will you leverage the capabilities of mobile devices to optimize your users’ experience? Xpirit’s technical architects help you translate those mobile moments into a viable solution and set up a mobile platform to develop your mobile moments. We’ve helped several businesses in defining their mobile strategy by choosing the right platform, setting up reference architectures and designed applications for them.

Engineer your platform, processes and people

Xpirit believes that if you want to get the most out of your mobile moments you should go for native mobile applications that offer the best performance and a true native user experience. Xpirit has chosen Xamarin as their platform of choice since it delivers high quality native apps with the unique possibility to share large parts of code between mobile platforms. At Xpirit we want to support and enable our customers to build and realize their own Mobile Moments. Our lead consultants can help create reference architectures, set up mobile centers of excellence and get your teams up to speed and ready to build your own mobile solutions.

Xpirit is a Xamarin Premier Consulting partner and we can help your business with support, training or guidance on every Xamarin product or platform. Xpirit has vast experience with the Xamarin platform and tools, and some of our consultants are recognised by Xamarin as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Xamarin Premier consulting partner

Analyze results to monitor performance and optimize outcomes

Knowing how your mobile solution performs and affects your business is vital for further development. Part of a true agile mindset is continuous feedback. Xpirit helps you set up the analysis of your mobile solutions and help you understand how your application can improve by interpreting the metrics.

End-to-end expertise

Xpirit covers the entire lifecycle of your Mobile solution, offering services and expertise in every stage.


From Ideas, Plan and Design to Build, Test, Deploy and Run, Xpirit has the experts who can help you improve your process.


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