Mobile JetPack

Launch your mobile strategy into orbit in a 5 day Innovation Experience with Xpirit's Mobile JetPack

Xpirit’s Mobile JetPack is a mobile specific edition of the Xpirit Innovation Experience. In a short but intense process, Xpirit will help you understand Mobile, inspire you to identify your mobile moments, and work with you towards a proof of concept for your first mobile moment(s). This JetPack can be a kickstarter to propel you into a fully-fledged IDEA cycle for your mobile endeavours.

The Mobile JetPack follows Xpirit’s Innovation Experience format:

  1. Understand
  2. Inspire
  3. Diverge & Decide
  4. Prototype & Validate


Mobile JetPack (click to enlarge)


Learn to understand what mobile is, and what mobile moments are in a one day workshop targeted at CxO’s, business stakeholders and architects. Understand the impact that the disruptive force of mobile can have on your business in terms of optimization and how “mobile first” can help you rethink your business processes. Read more…


How does Mobile First, Cloud First thinking, a DevOps approach and an agile way of working enable companies to speed up product design and delivery? This inspiring one day workshop showcases startups and mature companies that have taken the digital transformation plunge and successfully emerged on the other side. Read more…

Diverge & Decide

In an intensive workshop with the business, we will go through the first part of the IDEA cycle in a pressure-cooker setup: together we will explore your business to find your Mobile Moments, prioritize them and pick the most suitable candidate for the next step. Read more…

Prototype & Validate

Xpirit will guide your team of business analysts, designers and technical team members in fleshing out your first Mobile Moment. In a true agile manner, we will deliver a working Mobile Moment in the form of a working app to prototype and validate that you’ve made the right decision. Depending on the type of company and culture, we can do this in a full day workshop or even in a 24-hour hackathon. Whatever gets the creative juices flowing! Read more…


Ready to kick start your mobile strategy?