Security first, in every phase

Security from the start

Security usually comes second and sometimes late. Or too late when your website has been hacked and customer data has been stolen. Or at the end of your project you discover that the integration with existing user accounts is not possible after all. In an era of cyber crime, social identities, mobile apps and hybrids of on-premise and cloud solutions, you are obligated to yourself and your customers to spend the required attention to security.

Holistic approach

Xpirit covers security from the very beginning to the end of the projects that we run for you. This includes security architecture, identity and access management, but also secure coding and structured testing for security flaws. We embrace the holistic approach of Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle and embed this SDL into every phase of your development process. This guarantees the right type of attention to security at the appropriate moment. Using this approach security will come first, not last nor late.