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Innovation Experience – Prototype & Validate

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

The final step in the innovation experience is a multi-day event in which we work with highly focused teams to make the ideas come to life. We use a proven agile way of working and we bring in our best and brightest people to form a multidisciplinary team. This team will make it happen in just a few days!

With the list of ideas from the previous day, we will pick one or two of the most valuable ideas. Using these ideas, we will turn innovation into your reality. A team of business and technology experts delivers a working prototype. This prototype has mechanisms built in to help us in Validated Learning. So we will track the product’s actual use and behavior real-time in a production environment. Based on these metrics, we will decide where to improve or change our prototype; or whether we need to discard it and do something else.

You experienced how you can achieve the impossible, by unlocking your company’s full potential. In just a few days, we have taken you through the various phases required to get to this end goal: