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Innovation Experience

Welcome to the era of digital disruption, where customer satisfaction is king. Everything is different in the way organizations work; everything has completely changed. Now, being customer-driven with an Agile mindset and innovative technologies is essential. How does this impact your organization?

This Digital Transformation Kickstarter introduces you to the Digital Disruption Era in four steps:

  1. Understand
  2. Inspire
  3. Diverge & Decide
  4. Prototype & Validate


The first step towards digital transformation is understanding the reasons for it. Why should your company change? What impact will it have? How should you proceed? During this one-day workshop, we will explore these and other questions that usually arise when we discuss digital disruption. Read more …


How do modern technology, a DevOps approach and an Agile working method enable companies to speed up product design and delivery? This inspiring step showcases startups and mature companies that have taken the digital transformation plunge and successfully emerged on the other side. Read more …

Diverge & Decide

In this step, you will invent and define (and later prioritize) fifteen awesome, disruptive ideas with your management, business and IT leadership teams. Guided by our innovation experience team, you will convert business challenges into inspirational, concrete innovations and finalize the most valuable one into a backlog to develop an operational prototype. Read more …

Prototype & Validate

In this final step, we collaborate with you to bring your best, selected innovation to life and make it ready to launch using a “pressure cooker” approach. You’ll combine focus, dedication and intelligence to create a minimal viable product (MVP) in just a few days and use validated learning to decide if you should improve, change or pivot next. Read more …


Ready to kick start your digital transformation?