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The first difference between traditional and disruptive business is the embracement of the cloud

Pascal Naber

Migrating Enterprise Architectures into the Cloud

Many enterprise organizations use a range of Out Of The Box (OOTB) products to enable the digital transformation of their enterprise. For those companies, a shift to the cloud is only feasible when those products move among. As an example, Xpirit often comes across the Sitecore Experience platform. Van Lanschot, an independent private bank in the Netherlands, was looking for a platform to fulfill their omnichannel marketing needs. Van Lanschot made a strategic choice for the Azure cloud as long term innovation platform and Sitecore was chosen for its digital marketing capabilities. Xpirit provided expertise around Azure and DevOps to guide them to successfully architect, develop and deploy new features with measured business value. While doing this, Xpirit ensures that products like Sitecore fit in seamlessly.