Cloud Readiness Scan

& Cloud Strategy Roadmap
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Take Your Business to the Cloud with Confidence

Ready to embrace the power of the cloud? Our no-nonsense Cloud Readiness Scan is your key to success. Our experienced team will assess your organization comprehensively, providing a clear roadmap for your cloud transformation. Stay informed with weekly progress updates and conclude with an actionable plan. Take the leap into the cloud with confidence.

Cloud Readiness Scan

How ready are you for the Cloud?

  • Share and discuss your organization’s goals and objectives for cloud migration
  • Assess the readiness of your IT infrastructure, evaluating people, processes, and tools
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand value streams, deployment processes, and team dynamics
  • Analyze the end-to-end process from business idea to production-ready features, ensuring alignment across teams
  • Leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and our proven expertise to assess your chosen direction and decisions. Align with best practices and industry standards for a successful cloud adoption journey
  • Identify potential improvements for your software architecture, deployment process, IT organization, and Agile & DevOps mindset


Cloud Readiness Roadmap

A Plan for your Cloud Journey

  • Tailored and customized cloud strategy that incorporates our cloud platform strategy, industry best practices, and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Comprehensive cloud roadmap with actionable items that are ready to be executed by your team or by our experts. Empower your organization to confidently move forward with your cloud initiatives, knowing that you have a clear plan in place
  • Cloud Migration Strategy with a step-by-step approach to workload migration. Our comprehensive methodology ensures a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption.
Enabling your organization to go to the cloud successfully

Our Approach

The cloud may seem like a vast and intangible concept, but now is the time to make it a reality for your business. Finding the right starting point and answering the crucial question of whether the cloud can truly solve your problems can be challenging.

Your Cloud Strategy & Roadmap in 4 weeks

Combining the goals and objectives of your organization with best practices and knowledge about your current state into a cloud strategy and roadmap. Ready to execute with actionable items, secure & compliant, and supported by our best cloud architects and DevOps engineers.

  1. Kick-off meeting with stakeholders
  2. Assessment of the current state
  3. Cloud Strategy & Goal Architecture
  4. Report findings & recommendations

Start your Cloud Readiness Scan today and unlock the power of cloud transformation for your business.

  • Thorough evaluation of your existing application portfolio, IT processes, technology stack, regulatory requirements, and workforce
  • Receive a clearly defined roadmap for your cloud transformation
  • Stay informed with weekly progress updates
  • Final workshop with stakeholders and staff to ensure buy-in and deliver an actionable cloud transformation plan.
  • The plan includes next steps, financial considerations, and guidance for managing skillset changes within your organization
  • Leverage the experience of hundreds of successful cloud transformations
  • Expert guidance to structure your questions and bring the right people together for answers
  • 4 weeks, 2 specialists


Schedule your Cloud Readiness Scan and unleash your Cloud Potential