Cloud Readiness Scan

Four weeks, two consultants
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The cloud is a large untouchable concept. Over the past years everybody spoke about it, but nobody made it concrete. Now you are ready to take the step towards the cloud, it is hard to find the right starting point. It also introduces many new questions… Does the cloud indeed solve my problems?

To guide you through the complex process of a cloud transformation, we have introduced the no-nonsense Cloud Readiness Scan. Leveraging the experience of more than 50 cloud transformations, we take you by the hand, structure your questions and bring the right people together to find the right answers.

Over the course of a single intensive month, two Xpiriters assess your organization from several angles. We look at your existing application portfolio, inspect your IT processes, gain understanding of your technology stack, look at your regulatory requirements and asses your workforce. With this knowledge, we propose a clearly defined roadmap. By updating you weekly, you stay informed about the progress.

At the end of the Scan-month, we sit together with you, all stakeholder, and your staff for a final workshop. During the workshop we ensure the buy in from the involved stakeholders and your staff. The outcome of this workshop will be an actionable cloud transformation plan. In the plan there’s a clear definition of the next steps, how to perform the (financial) planning and how to handle the change of skillset for your organization.