Cloud Native Software Development

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Why do companies want to learn Cloud Native Software Development?

Utilizing the cloud for software development comes with many benefits, but only when you have internalized building and running in a new environment. Cloud Native development leverages the cloud’s resources and benefits. From a flexible infrastructure for easy scaling to readily available components for shorter development and delivery cycles.

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Our Approach

The cloud evolves at its own pace. To be successful in Cloud Native development, you need to keep up. For instance, public cloud providers respond to risks to protect applications. This can have implications for your solution. Instead of delivering a product and releasing yearly updates, Cloud Native software development requires 24/7 monitoring. However, tweaking it along the way also enables you to continuously deliver the best customer value. Xpirit takes a deep dive into people, products, and processes and helps you prepare for a new way of working by offering training, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience.


Cloud Native Software Development

Software Product Audit

A Software Product Audit looks at your product, as-is. We review any of three things: the quality of the software, if it is cloud ready (as well as what steps are needed to make it cloud ready), and how to lower OPEX if you are already running the software in the cloud.

Cloud Native Architectures

Cloud has shaken up the job of Software Architects, characterized by price over product. Now, you need to consider monthly costs. This new responsibility can come with many questions. Instead of looking at a piece of software as a whole, we now divide it into small parts. For every part, you need to ask yourself: how can we create this as cost-efficiently as possible, without jeopardizing performance? From Monolith to Microservices, Windows Server to Kubernetes clusters, and Azure Functions. We provide in-depth information, guidance, and training on creating Cloud-Native software.

Skills Assessment

Learning how to deliver Cloud Native software requires learning new skills, like programming Azure Functions, containerizing with Kubernetes, and mastering serverless computing and .NET Core. A Skills Assessment maps your current know-how. We create an education plan to raise both knowledge and skills to the desired level by diving into all aspects of Cloud Native Software Development, assessing in-house expertise, and creating a journey to improve.

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