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Why do companies want to adopt DevOps?

The reason to adopt DevOps is twofold. Firstly, DevOps done well shortens time to market and increases business value. Secondly, it empowers teams and provides a versatile environment that attracts professionals eager to learn. DevOps is a methodology that affects how you collaborate to create as much value as soon as possible. Working based on Agile principles, but with more emphasis on taking ownership of the value stream as a team. Each DevOps team is autonomous and 100% responsible for software development, from business to IT and finance.

Working with great companies

Our Approach

Our tried and true way to support your DevOps journey is to tailor it to your needs. Xpirit evaluates the three parts of your business involved: people, product, and process. Subsequently, we provide workshops, coaching, and technology fast tracks to equip you for DevOps.

Want to experience what it’s like to work in a team that practices real DevOps? Check out our DevOps Bootcamp and learn DevOps from a real experience instead of textbook examples.

DevOps Bootcamp

Our DevOps Skillset

DevOps Implementation and Coaching

Merely producing a piece of software is no longer a guarantee for success. To provide substantial business value, DevOps is crucial.

We provide teams with a heightened sense of responsibility for both process and outcome. Our DevOps Coaches guide your journey from the start. Backed by comprehensive experience, best practices, and Microsoft (Partner of the Year, 2018), we create a Roadmap, set-up teams, and help you establish a cloud set-up that supports DevOps. We help you hire the most skilled talent, carry out a Skills Assessment (current and future employees), and create a learning journey for DevOps teams.

“We believe cloud is not complete without DevOps. However, DevOps is a separate path we can walk at a different pace.”

DevOps Accelerator Workshop

Xpirit offers two Accelerator Workshops; one for cloud and one for DevOps. In a series of get-togethers, we explore how your business can flourish by implementing DevOps. The DevOps Accelerator Workshop can be a component of your cloud transformation or a separate journey. The workshops aim to clarify why and how to embrace DevOps best.

DevOps Bootcamp

Accelerate your DevOps adoption with an Exclusive DevOps Experience. Learn how to build secure software with immediate feedback loops and push it to production, multiple times a day while staying secure and compliant. An out-of-the-box event with multiple challenges to complete in teams and a guaranteed quality learning experience.

DevOps Assessment

A DevOps Assessment is part of the Cloud Readiness Scan but also offered as a separate service. Saying yes to DevOps is your first step, but exploring what skills your employees miss and need is essential. During this specific assessment, we focus on in-house knowledge and how your team functions. It's great to experiment on your terms first. As things get more complicated, this assessment reveals where you are lacking and how to improve. We base our DevOps Assessment on a standard structure but always tailor to your specific needs and challenges.

GitHub Enterprise

As Europe's first Verified GitHub Enterprise Partner, Xpirit currently employs eight specialists trained to help you optimize DevOps with GitHub Enterprise. We want the product and the process to be secure. GitHub Enterprise enables this by ensuring that every step you take building your software in the cloud or migrating it is traceable and compliant.

Azure DevOps Fast Track

Are you eager to learn how to use Azure DevOps in a quick and hassle-free way? Our Azure DevOps Fast Track is a two-week program entirely focused on teaching you how to start working with Azure DevOps. We use a code repository to migrate your codebase to the new tool correctly. Additionally, we train your team to use Azure DevOps.

GitHub Enterprise Fast Track

Besides an Azure DevOps Fast Track, Xpirit also offers a GitHub Enterprise track to get you up and running in no-time. Our GitHub Enterprise Fast Track is a two-week program entirely focused on teaching you how to start using GitHub Enterprise. We use a code repository to migrate your codebase to the new tool correctly. Additionally, we train your team to use GitHub Enterprise.

Developer Velocity

As technology is becoming a more significant part of any industry, organizations need to focus on software development to drive business performance. The Developer Velocity Index (DVI) exposes how well you are equipped to take an idea into production at the speed required in today's high-paced digital world. Xpirit is qualified to assess your Developer Velocity and advise you on how to improve.

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective DevOps Teams

In this eBook, we’re unpacking seven ineffective scenarios, and show you how to master DevOps right. But before diving into a discussion of doing DevOps the wrong way, let’s take a look at these 7 ‘habits’;

  • We have a DevOps department
  • We make sure security and compliance are done at the end of every project
  • We focus on 100% uptime for everything
  • We have a release manager
  • Failure is not an option
  • Our superheroes always fix production issues really fast
  • Our POs only focus on functionality

In reality and practice, these 7 habits can actually lead to highly ineffective DevOps teams. In this eBook, we’ll cover each habit, explain why it becomes destructive, and what you can do to change, shift or avoid it.

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