DevOps Bootcamp

Accelerate DevOps adoption with an Exclusive DevOps Experience. Learn how to build secure software with immediate feedback loops and push it to production, multiple times a day while staying secure and compliant.
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Experience DevOps yourself

Host your own DevOps Bootcamp

Xpirit now provides the Local version of our famous Global DevOps Bootcamp. Run your own Local DevOps Bootcamp in person or virtually at your company, for your colleagues and your teams, and/or communities.

For who?

  • You want to experience DevOps to see if it is the right thing for you and your organization.
  • You want to build secure software in a DevOps way.
  • You want to implement DevOps, but you are not sure where to start and what to expect.
  • Your company already started working DevOps but there is still a lot to gain.
  • You need specific in-depth information about DevOps, like how to stay secure and compliant.

What do you get?

  • An out-of-the-box event
  • A DevOps experience that will make you want more
  • Guaranteed quality learning experience
  • Deep-dive DevOps training
  • Knowledgable proctors
  • Full interactive learning system
  • Challenges to complete in Teams

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DevOps Bootcamp

The challenges

The DevOps Bootcamp contains three out-of-the-box experience themes. We can also customize it and make it a multi-day event with challenges from all three themes. We provide everything you need to run a real DevOps experience event; all event materials ranging from the local keynotes, proctoring, and the fully SaaS-hosted environment.

Experience 1: from once a month to multiple times a day

Learn how to implement DevOps in a team so you can move from a release cadence of weeks or months to any time in the day. Some of the things you’ll learn during this experience are:

  • Creating and setting up Azure Resources
  • Setting up CI/CD Pipelines
  • Adding approval steps
  • Zero downtime deployments

Experience 2: You build it you run away it

This experience focuses on running your application in production. We introduce the team to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) concepts and train the team to keep their software running and mitigate problems that can occur when running the software in production. Some of the challenges of this Bootcamp:

  • Expired Certificate
  • Credential leaked
  • Denial of Service attack
  • Vulnerable Package in the software supply chain

Experience 3: Join the DevOps rebellion

This experience combines the Build and Run parts of DevOps in a storyline that resembles the book of Gene Kim, called the Unicorn Project. The Bootcamp takes you on a journey at Parts Unlimited, a fake company, where you will be confronted with their initially problematic IT organization. The teams will focus on the basics of modern DevOps practices and then start preparing for Black Friday…

The DevOps Bootcamp at Van Lanschot Kempen

See what the DevOps Bootcamp looked like at Van Lanschot Kempen, a union of two specialized financial boutiques and the oldest independent financial institution in the Netherlands.

Mix and Match

The DevOps Bootcamp, tailored to your needs

It is up to you to decide which scenario would be the best for your team to learn DevOps. Are you in the starting phase? Then you probably want to select the build part of DevOps. If you are more advanced, you might want to go for the run focus of a Bootcamp.

Of course, you can mix and match a Bootcamp. We will create a program that fits your company’s or team’s needs perfectly. We can also make the Bootcamp part of other learning experiences. Just let us know. We will create the best offer we can for your team to experience DevOps from the trenches.

We also offer our Bootcamp as a virtual event. We have great experiences by providing virtual training and Bootcamps. While many people are still reluctant to try this, several customers already told us their virtual experience has been fantastic. They were hesitant initially, but after experiencing it, they are now completely convinced it works. We use our Microsoft Teams infrastructure and some additional tools to create the most interactive experience possible. And we assure this runs very smoothly!

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The DevOps Bootcamp at Maersk

We created a customized version of the DevOps Bootcamp to meet Maersk’s needs, resulting in excellent feedback.

“Let’s keep on with this brilliant approach to training. I now feel empowered with new knowledge to engage with the new ways of working. Well done, guys – really brilliant.”


I think what was really impressive for me was the collaboration with the people I was doing the course. It was nice to meet people from different parts of Technology Infrastructure Engineering and Operations. I think events like these are going to be essential in changing the way of working, and meeting new people and can be seen as a driver for the push for breaking down silos and being a OneMaersk!”

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