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Use the Azure cloud to deliver connected experiences

Connecting “things” can be a challenge in its own right, but real value is created when insights are turned into actions. From straight-forward optimizations and improvements all the way to product and business transformations, IoT is an enabler for change. IoT can help you meet sustainability goals, improve employee health & safety, and deliver the competitive edge that you need to thrive.

Whether you want to connects assets, products, spaces, resources, people, or all of them: we understand the challenges, and are ready to face them together with you.

Working with great companies

Our Approach

Xpirit aims to accelerate your IoT journey. We help you get started, we support you in getting organized, and we help you deliver amazing IoT-powered services. We tackle existing platforms and new ideas with equal enthusiasm, with a multi-pronged approach geared towards rapid optimization and value creation. We can take care of your IoT projects end-to-end, or we can collaborate side-by-side with your own experts to deliver true IoT-driven value.

Our focus is on building IoT platforms powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud, leveraging our awesome partner ecosystem to provide end-to-end services that include hardware design and specifications, device manufacturing, connectivity, and certifications.

Our programs

See how we can support your IoT Journey

Success in IoT requires strong collaboration across hardware, software and business disciplines

At Xpirit we focus on building connected IoT platforms on the Microsoft Azure cloud. We combine our experience in building high-performance platforms to manage devices and gather telemetry with a strong ecosystem of partners that deliver hardware and connectivity solutions, so we allow you to focus on insights and ultimately, creating business value.

We assist your organization in building or improving IoT solutions regardless of industry: we connect people, spaces and devices to help you optimize and transform your business.

IoT Assessment

Already doing IoT, but not sure if you are doing it right? Our IoT assessment provides the answers you are looking for. By looking at many aspects and digging deep at the same time, our team of experts can quickly help you gain insight in your journey. What is going well, and what needs attention? We look at software, hardware, security, cost-to-develop as well as cost-to-own, and compare findings to market standards and our own broad experiences across many domains. In a matter of weeks we will deliver a concise and actionable overview of where you stand, and what needs your attention.

Vision, Roadmap & Readiness

Thinking about IoT, but not sure what the next step should be? We can help you establish an IoT roadmap that is well-grounded in a sustainable vision and a realistic analysis of your ability to execute. We help you articulate your desired outcomes and we determine what is supporting your journey ánd what is holding you back. An IoT North Star Vision has a clear set of objectives and short list of bold steps to achieve that vision. We identify the core objectives and make them concrete.

Azure IoT Blueprint & Landing Zone

There are many moving parts in an Azure-powered IoT cloud platform, and many choices to be made. These choices cover a lot of areas, including cost, compliance, security, performance, and many more. Based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, we have compiled our best practices into an Infrastructure-as-Code accelerator that allows us to quickly establish the required foundation for a successful IoT project, freeing up our (and your!) hands to focus on delivering business value. We can establish and manage the Hub & Spoke architecture required for a successful Azure IoT Cloud Platform project.

IoT Center of Excellence

What good is doing amazing IoT work if your organization is not ready to take ownership? Our proven approach allows you to quickly launch a center of excellence that governs architecture, compliance, cost control, standardization and interoperability. We can govern, launch and manage IoT platforms either for you or with you: whatever fits your needs, your team, and your organization.

IoT prototyping sprints

"It’s all talk until the code runs”: it is easy to talk about IoT at length, but in the end it needs to run. While prototyping with you, we make sure that we work out loud, and that we keep a clear goal for each prototype sprint. We spend time on the things that need to be investigated and proven, including device comparisons, integration deep dives, and performance benchmarking. Prototyping is aimed at making things real, and to take tackle uncertainties as early as possible.

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