Managed Services The DevOps Way

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How to manage your cloud software

Every software product ever built has to be managed. It has to be stable and secure. On top of that, new features have to be developed. Innovation is a must. But most IT departments are too busy with day-to-day operations. That’s where Managed Services come in. An outside team of experts managing your cloud.

We help you get full control over your cloud by running cloud services and applications to prevent downtime. Besides, you can always rely on our around-the-clock support service. Whatever happens, we’re here for you.

Working with great companies

Our Approach

When software is developed in a DevOps way and runs in the cloud, it makes no sense to manage it traditionally. To help you prevent outages, take care of your set-up, and control costs, we launched “Managed Services – the DevOps way.”

First, we create a solid DevOps foundation together. We establish resilience and ensure all components are highly available. Our Cloud Engineers then develop, test, secure, architect, and take ownership of your system, after which they run it and deploy it to the cloud. Finally, we monitor your system and enable you to focus on innovation and operational excellence.

Our programs

Our Managed Services Solutions

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We take a pro-active approach to engineering because preventing a problem is always better than curing it. Using SRE, we ensure you are constantly in control.

Our engineers focus on the reliability of your systems so that you can focus on delivering business value. We use a data-driven approach to identify what reliability means for your IT services and make it measurable. We provide top-notch engineering to make sure that we meet our objectives. In the event of an incident, we step-in, make it a lesson learned, and ensure it never happens again.

Cloud Control

At the start, cloud is still relatively straightforward. As complexity increases, ensuring a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient system requires you to watch it closely.

Xpirit's Cloud Control gives you insight into your cloud consumption and a specified invoice. Additionally, we help you reduce cloud costs by advising on which services to use. Every month, one of our team members will visit you to discuss where there's room for improvement. Besides that, we can help you set up and manage your cloud. At no additional cost, of course.

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