Azure landing zones

Saving time and money by building on a standard landing zone instead of wasting months building your own version. Short on time? Check out the Azure landing zone one-pager.
Check out the one-pager

Our goal

Enabling your teams to focus on creating business value, while having the confidence of being secure and compliant throughout the process. Reusing our best practices of the last seven years, preventing the reinvention of existing building blocks. Saving time and money by building on a standard landing zone, instead of wasting months building your own version.

Secure and Compliant

Azure landing zones

A Cloud Fundament in a Box to easily land all of your cloud workloads on, which enables you to scale your business in a cost-effective manner.

Hub & Spoke – landing on the cloud

  • Conform Azure’s best practice Hub & Spoke Model.
  • Separate Shared Services from Workload Specific Services by placing them in a hub.
  • Secure and Compliant – production and non-production implementation of both the hub and the spokes.
  • Allow reuse of generic Azure Components across different teams.
  • Configure spokes fitting to the need of the team or Value Stream.
  • Deployments through Infrastructure as Code and (e.g.) Azure DevOps or GitHub.
  • Allow for growth by onboarding new spokes while reusing the shared resources located in the hub.
  • Up and running with the hub and first spoke within three weeks.

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Ready for deployment in three weeks

Our approach

We use a standardized approach, but always tailor it to your specific business needs. You'll be up and running in three weeks.

Our approach consists of four steps:

  1. Identify shared and specific services
  2. Implement and configure the landing zone
  3. Start deployment using Infra as Code
  4. Optimize the landing zone and additional spokes.

Your landing zone will be ready in three weeks. The delivery will also consist of:

  • A provisioned Azure Environment
  • A bicep/arm template for spokes
  • A GitHub action or Azure DevOps pipeline to keep provisioning the spoke infra
  • A structure for splitting into management groups, subscriptions, and resource groups.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of Cloud Control at no cost by outsourcing your Azure environment to Xpirit as a Cloud Solution Provider. With Cloud Control, we help you to get a grip on the cloud. Think of topics such as security & compliance, costs, or scalability.

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