Cloud Control

Get a grip on the cloud by using Cloud Control. We'll lower your Azure cost and advice pro-active on improvements on your cloud infrastructure.

We understand your concerns. That's why we're here to help.

Are you struggling to enable your teams to focus on business value while ensuring security and compliance? Are you finding it challenging to stay updated on the latest cloud developments? Are you concerned about wasting money on unused Azure Cloud services and lacking a detailed cloud invoice?

With our solutions, you can empower your teams to prioritize business value, ensure security and compliance, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest cloud developments. Our expertise in optimizing Azure Cloud usage, including FinOps practices, helps you eliminate wasteful spending and only pay for what you truly need. Gain transparency and cost control with a detailed cloud invoice.

Say goodbye to distractions and unnecessary expenses. Let us provide you with peace of mind and cost savings. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of the Azure Cloud while focusing on what matters most to your business.

Get a grip on Azure cloud

Cloud Control

With Cloud Control you'll get insights into your cloud consumption lower Azure cost. We'll have a monthly meeting to advice you on improvements on your cloud infrastructure, and you'll get full access to 24/7 support.

Take control of your cloud

At the start, the cloud is still relatively straightforward. But, along the way, ensuring a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solution requires you to watch your environment closely. Cloud Control puts you back in control of your cloud.

  • Gain insight into your cloud costs
  • Monthly pro-active suggested improvements on your cloud infrastructure
  • Secure and compliant throughout the process by applying policies and guard rails
  • One partner for technical assistance, guidance, and licenses.

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Our Approach

Making sure you're in full control of your platform and costs while being secure and compliant throughout the process.
  • Proactive periodical reviews delivered by our experienced DevOps Engineers.
  • Complete end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft platform to meet your complex needs and collaborate more strategically with Microsoft.
  • Providing you with great insights through 24/7 access to our dashboards.
  • Optimizing scalability and availability of your business applications to enable seasonality without having to pay for year- round high-load infrastructure.
  • Making sure your business is 24/7 secure and compliant by extensive monitoring and alerting.

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