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Stability and agility at the same time

Nowadays, companies are all about agility. Working Agile and using a DevOps approach to software development. Yet, agility should not come at the cost of stability. Managed Services done right uses a DevOps approach to Managed Services, resulting in uptime of 99.95% and, at the same time, enabling teams to release multiple times per day.

Managed Services done right talk show

Club Cloud Conference 2021

At the Club Cloud Conference 2021, hosted by Xebia, Xpirit delivered a talk show about Managed Services done right, divided into two parts. Watch the track below.

Part 1: Bringing maximum value in your DevOps based company by doing less

In the last decade, IT has moved from an Ops and Dev world to a world where we combine these disciplines. In this new reality, companies face new challenges. For example, how do DevOps teams deal with cross-cutting concerns like security and compliance? Watch this session to learn more about the possible strategic options, their benefits, and their disadvantages.

Part 2: Contemplating reliability, why less can be more

In this talk, we’ll discuss an outline for a framework on how many failures DevOps teams should reasonably expect using error budgets. While technical errors may abound, user impact may be negligible, so keeping an eye on end-user impact is of the essence. This will show us how severe an incident really is and help us stay sane during “unimportant” incidents. Moreover, when reliability is surpassing expectations, we will learn that we can allow for more “risky business” and innovate fastly, improving on customer experience in another way.

An interview with Marc Bruins, CTO Xpirit Managed Services

Innovation Managed Services

At Xpirit, we encourage growth. As a business, we are growing by adding new services to our portfolio – enabled by our people, who continuously grow as they investigate and seize opportunities. In this article, we talk to Marc Bruins, who was a Cloud Architect but is now CTO of our brand-new label: Xpirit Managed Services. He is thrilled to share what that entails and what it can mean for your business.

Read the full interview.

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