Picture of Kees Verhaar

Kees works as a consultant in the domain of Application Lifecycle Management. He assists organizations in transforming ideas into working code in production. Kees is passionate about technology. He was infected by the technology virus during his youth, and this has never left him. Whenever he gets a chance, he dives into new technology and opportunities, and he tries to apply this, in his work or at home.
Kees has strong analytic skills, and this enables him to divide issues into manageable pieces and to penetrate to the underlying causes. These skills make him an excellent problem solver. His open personality and communication style ensure direct and clear communications to all persons involved.

Whenever Kees is exploring solutions, he thoroughly investigates all options. This allows him to come up with the best plan for any given situation, and his technical skills enable him to translate the plan into a working solution.
Kees likes to go sailing in his spare time. During the winter he enjoys working with his hands and woodworking tools to do all kinds of jobs, from repairs or alterations to his house to making furniture.