Picture of Martijn van der Sijde

As a consultant Martijn is working in the field of Cloud Architecture, Application Lifecycle Management and Security.

His experience in the various disciplines of enterprise, solution and software architecture and development enable him to be a discussion partner for a wide range of stakeholders at all levels.

His expertise at various levels of abstraction, from strategic to operational, ensure valuable contributions to high-level solutions and concrete implementations.

Martijn has a clear and analytic mindset, and is an enterprising professional with excellent communication and presentation skills. Within the architecture discipline he is constantly looking for opportunities to apply Agile and Lean principles, last but not least because he is convinced of their added value.

Martijn’s drive is to continuously improve himself and others around him.

About topics ranging from technology to organizational change management, Martijn blogs and performs as a public speaker. He has presented on several company-internal and external events including Microsoft Techdays, SDN and IASA meetups

Living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch with his family, he likes to spend his spare time on playing golf and his passion for sports; basketball and football especially. As a true Burgundian he loves to cook and have dinner or a good drink with his family and friends.