Allen Conway

Azure App Modernization Consultant
A subject won’t be hard if you have the right teacher. -My daughter Juliana

Helping others be successful through my contributions

Helping my industry peers gain knowledge through clear articulation that the target audience understands. I’ve been on the side of the fence where a topic is unclear or doesn’t make sense, so being able to put myself in their shoes, and teach others so they have clarity making the light bulbs come on is just an awesome feeling.

My source of inspiration

The gratification of completing something meaningful or challenging provides me continuous motivation and inspiration to keep driving to new adventures

This makes me happy
– Working on a great team with talented and friendly individuals
– Spending quality time with my family doing fun things in the mountains or just going out to eat
– Participating in my wide range of hobbies

My ultimate Epic Shit moment
– Professionally: Coding a .NET solution for NASCAR with my peers at the 07’ Daytona 500, more than 10 stories above the start/finish line with over 175,000 in attendance.
– Personally: The day each of my 4 kids were born. These days were surreal and being a father is what makes life wonderful.

The song(s) that gets me started
-I’m so eclectic, so here is an array of what gets me going:
Danger Zone (TOP GUN)
Hearts on Fire (Rocky IV training montage)
You Could Be Mine (Guns N’ Roses)
Renegade (Styx – STEELERS)
Feel Again, feat. Wrabel (Armin van Buuren)
‘Til You Can’t (Cody Johnson)