Andreas Saccone jr.

Data Privacy Ambassador
Data Privacy is not a law. It‘s a Philosophy.


Wherever data is processed there should be regulation. But every regulation should be comfortable for the data owner and the data processor. My assignment is to translate
the law into best practises to accomplish a great legal service.


I´m a passionate business lawyer with a great experience in data privacy & security.
My personality combines legal & tech in one person, a so called Techlaywer & Data Privacy Enabler.

My source of inspiration

My key philosophy is to life with honesty and justice and to make things happen within in this personnel framework.

This makes me happy

Travelling, good wine and my family & friends.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

25th of May 2018 – Entry into force an application of the EU-GDPR.

The song that gets me started

My life’s like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat.