Annelies Wauters

Account & Event Manager
Better an oops than a what if.


Organizing events/parties/… and making sure everyone has a great time.


Bringing people together, motivating and enthuse them.
I have a lot of energy and like to combine a lot of projects.

This makes me happy

My morning latte, good food, my friends, music, watching movies, dancing, hosting (dinner) parties, strolling through new cities, cuddling with most animals, working out, …

My ultimate Epic Shit moments

Sneaking in and hiding 2 alpaca’s in the reception area at my friends wedding to carry the rings down the aisle. You should’ve seen the bride’s face.

The songs that gets me started

I don’t need that much to get me ‘started’.
I also have a broad taste in music, but if you play anything by Anderson Paak, I won’t be able to sit still.