Bailey Fitchett

DevOps Consultant
Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. -Timothy Leary


My passion is providing the right solution for each project. I pride myself that each client I engage with walks away confident with the solution, training, and processes to continue being successful.


My talent is bringing creativity, compassion and understanding to each project. I look at each engagement holistically with not only technical expertise but also as an artist and a person. I try never to focus on one aspect but to find the root of the problem; not treat the symptoms.

My source of inspiration

My inspiration is knowing that I brought a little ease or happiness into someone’s life. Whether that is through a technical solution, mentoring, listening, or standing firm for human rights, I always strive to ensure that I put positivity into the world.

This makes me happy

Color, not just the bright and the cheerful but the dark and shadowed as well. Too often our outlook can turn to grey and leave us feeling like each day is monotonous and dreary. Step outside and into the world, stare at the emerging patterns and the colors that interweave our existence together. When I’m feeling down, I think of the colors of dusk, the stars as their light starts to shine, the pink as the sun fades behind the clouds. Color is magic.

The songs that get me started

– Object – Alana Sterling
– Don’t Let Me Down – Stella and the Storm
– The Funeral – Yungblud