Camiel Eggermont

Just find the right direction and take the first step


I absolutely love finding creative solutions to problems and challenges! There’s just something about thinking outside the box and coming up with unique and innovative ideas that gets me super excited.


I’m pretty good at breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. By taking things one step at a time, I can more easily figure out the best way to tackle a problem and get things done.

My source of inspiration

I’m inspired by the people around me, whether it’s my friends, family, or colleagues. Everyone has their own unique perspective on the world, and I love learning from them and seeing things from different angles.

This makes me happy

What makes me happy is spending quality time with my wife and 3 daughters. We all have busy lives, but for instance going through our days while having dinner is something I deeply enjoy. Additionally, I find fulfillment in engaging in meaningful conversations with my colleagues and other individuals, as it broadens my understanding and helps me grow both personally and professionally.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Onboarding and training 800,000 users worldwide on an e-learning platform that my team and I built from scratch was a crazy, stressful, and ultimately amazing experience. It definitely wasn’t easy, but knowing that we pulled it off and helped so many people was an incredible feeling.

What song gets you started

I like a lot of music, mainly with guitars involved. But sometimes simple, straight forward Rock ‘n Roll is all you need. For instance: Word Up by Gun.