Charlton Trezevant

Application Security Consultant
“So I proved to the world again, never listen to the naysayers, and always just plow ahead and do exactly what is your vision” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Charlton Trezevant is an Application Security Consultant on Xpirit’s USA Team. He’s passionate about using agile approaches to solving cloud and application security problems.


I have widely varied interests in all things, especially computer science, music, visual arts, and nature. But most of all, I love to learn and share knowledge with others.


Learning new things quickly and drawing from my varied background to solve problems I haven’t seen before.

My source of inspiration

Driven entrepreneurs who posses an extraordinary capacity for leadership, self-discipline, and optimism.

This makes me happy

Traveling. Bird watching. Solving puzzles, gaining perspective, and confronting fresh challenges.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

I’m always tinkering away at side projects. My most recent is Tampa Devs, a educational nonprofit community of over 1,100 developers in the Tampa Bay area. Organizing events and helping local developers grow has been incredibly fulfilling.

The song that gets me started

Aphex Twin – S950tx16wasr10 [163.97][Earth Portal Mix]
Jaco Pastorius – Kuru / Speak Like a Child
Stereolab – Miss Modular
Dungen – Om det finns något som du vill fråga mig
Sweet Trip – Pro : Lov : Ad
Premiata Forneria Marconi – Il Banchetto