Chris van Sluijsveld

Digital disruptions using Microsoft Cloud Technology
There is no room for complacency in the fast-moving digital world.


Learn and use new technologies to help customers gain a digital advantage in this brave new world.
Cycling, walking in the forest with my wife and daughters. Doing fun trips with friends.


Can switch fast from high over architecture to deep dive coding. Get my energy from interacting on both levels.

My source of inspiration

My father, raising 3 kids alone during a difficult time still wows me. Having skilled colleagues doing Epis Shit every day. My children: their innocence and simple view on things.

This makes me happy

Solving problems using technology. Drinking good beers with good food with family and friends. Watching movies and playing off and online games.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Solving complex customer’s problems with cool technology.

The song that gets me started

All good songs, at the moment “I’m A dragon” from Apashe